Friday, October 23, 2009

3 free tiling textures

3 free tiling textures, png, 72 dpi.

What can you do with these textures?

- Floodfill a template and use it as a transparent map for clothes
- Use it as an overlay for other textures (multiply mode in Photoshop maybe)
- Fill a transparent background with this pattern and add a Photoshop style
- Use it in the Poser Material room as a transmap or as a bumpmap
(change the black on the textures to a lighter grey shade for this example

Non commercial use only

But you can make freebies with this pattern :) Clothes textures for example.
Just don't add these textures to texture collections or give them away as they are.

It would be nice if you add a link to this blog to your readme for your freebie:

Have fun :)

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