Friday, December 11, 2009

Poser Pro 2010 Beta Program

Poser Pro 2010 beta program is now open :)

Poser Pro 2010 beta overview

Poser Pro 2010 beta is based on a core of Poser 8 functionality which includes indirect lighting, physically correct lights, the new Poser 8 rigging system, dependent parameters, wxPython support, the new library and Poser 8 UI, with the new Poser 8 hardware enhancements throughout. In addition to the Poser 8 core feature set, Poser Pro 2010 beta includes the Pro application's background rendering, network rendering, and 32 bit/64 bit rendering. The full list of Poser Pro 2010 features and upgrade pricing will be announced in early 2010, prior to its release.

Participation requires both a valid Poser 8 serial number and a valid Poser Pro serial number (Both base and full versions of Poser Pro qualify for participation in the beta)

Read more at the Poser Blog

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