Tuesday, September 21, 2010

NATU Bodysuit - Cinema 10

I started modeling clothes for NATU. As usual I'm starting with a simple bodysuit to have a base mesh for other clothes.

A quick screenshot from the bodysuit in Cinema 10.

I started with the NATU set now, but did not forget that I want to make a few clothes for Kit too ;)

And here is a screenshot from the mesh.
I'll change some things later...the collar part needs some changes and chest area needs more density in the mesh.

I always model half of the new item and put it in a symmertry object which adds the other half part for me.

But I'll stop now. It's nearly midnight here. That's the time of the day I usually stop working. Have that in mind if you ever want to be a merchant who's selling clothes for Poser. You'll have a loooooong working day ;)

Good night everybody :)

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