Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Texturing Helper for Miki 3 Mini Dress

Texturing Helper (PSD) for Miki 3 Mini Dress

I reuploaded the psd file, because there was a mistake in the first upload. If your psd file is not correct - please download the file again.

You can use this file to make freebie, private and / or commercial textures for the dress. You can not redistribute the PSD file in this set.



Miki 3 Mini Dress

Included in this set is one Adobe Photoshop file with layers trim, hem and fabric for Miki's Mini Dress
I'm not sure if this is something people would be interested in. But I think it makes texturing easier.

You need to have Photoshop to work with this file or an other graphic application which is capable to work with psd files.

Have fun

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