Thursday, May 4, 2017

Pauline Boho Dress - Teen Morph Expansion

Pauline Boho Dress - Teen Morph Expansion

For using this freebie you need to have the Boho Dress for Pauline:

and Pauline Teen:

- Load Pauline into the scene
- Load the dress into the scene
- Apply the teen morph to Pauline
- Click on the dress
- Double - click on "INJ Pauline Teen Fit" for the dress (they are in the same folder as the dress)
- Set the morph to "1" - The dress should fit Pauline Teen now :)

I usually don't make INJ and REM file for the clothes I sell. So if everythink works fine - it would be great if you take the time to leave a short comment under the freebie :)

Thanks in advance!!

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